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NWH Dynamic Water Physics 2 is a water-object interaction simulator that uses mesh data to simulate both buoyancy and hydrodynamics, making it suitable for objects of any shape or size, moving or stationary.

After being a top-selling water physics asset on the Unity Asset Store since 2017., DWP2 is now also available for the Unreal Engine.

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Main Features
  • Fast and easy to set up.
  • Simulate any object of any shape or size, as long as it has a UStaticMesh.
  • Simulates both buoyancy and hydrodynamics.
  • Shape-aware and correct physics behavior that also works underwater.
  • Heavily customizable physics with runtime-adjustable settings.
  • Simple ship controller is included.
  • Well-optimized and fast, with multi-threading support.
  • Suitable for mobile and desktop applications.
  • Unreal Water (4.26+) support.
  • Full C++ source code included.
  • Blueprint support. No coding is required.

Supported Water Plugins

  • With Waves:
    • Unreal Water (4.26+)
  • Flat:
    • Any flat water, including a basic StaticMesh.

DWP2 can also work with no water present in the scene, using the default water height setting.

NWH Dynamic Water Physics 2 for Unreal consists of two main and separate parts:

  • Water Object - simulation of the interaction between objects and water.
  • Ship Controller - a set of scripts to add movement and other ship/boat-related behaviors to the Water Objects.